Thursday, February 19, 2009

Understanding and Accepting Autism

Today I want it to talk about Arthur and his Autism. The moment I was told about his condition, it was a chocking News, because at birth I imagined him as an engineer. My worse time was accepting the facts and understand, it was the only way to help Arthur, I had to learn to deal with my emotions, I had to face Autism, otherwise I will be living on denial.

I sat for hours, cry a lot, made plans to deal with it. Well it was not very complicated, I only had enough strength to give it to God and offer him my sufferings and letting him guide me through the entire journey. One morning after waking up, I decided to take a day at a time and with God's help I will be able to walk this path.

Years passed by and I have to remind myself everyday that I should never compare my son with other kids. I have to focus on his daily improvements, no matter how small they may seem to be. I worked very intense to learn about his world and learned to be part of it. It was difficult, because most of them, make not sense to me. Also I have to find a way of teaching him about my world so we could share them together. After years trying and working with Arthur, art came to our world and we could share them together. I have learned about his needs and how sometimes environment make him overwhelmed, why repeating movements or stories make him excited.

It is a different world, there is not envy, no lies, no resentment. he is naive and love sameness, he can entertain himself , he loves a simple life, fashion is not an important issue. Well, I feel very happy to have a very special son named Arthur.


  1. What a blessing to discover your son's unique gifts rather than focus on what he lacks! That's the way it should be with everyone we love.

  2. Those are difficult choices you've had to make but you made them well

  3. I truly admire you for what you and Arthur have achieved.

  4. thank you so much for your sweet comment!! glad you like the painting! :)