Friday, March 27, 2009

Space Apartment Folk Art Outsider Original Painting AUTISM SIMO

This painting is about a enormous condo floating in space, Uzbek the leader is responsible for this mission. Its planet was too old and soon will die, so they constructed this temporary home until they find a new galaxy, they have travel from away beyond our knowledge and they are looking to move in the first planet available.
What I write here is what Arthur explains me about his paintings. He will sign all his work and he will paint different things every time because his paintings are part of his feelings and thoughts on a daily basis. You will be the only one having this original painting. It is great to collect or give it as a present.
The size of this paintings 9" by 12" paper, watercolor,crayons and markers. You can buy it at:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

This award was given to me in honor of Arthur's work by Couture de papier. Please visit her blog at and check her work. Thanks for this compliment Arthur is very happy.

I understand I need to list seven things I love and I have to pass on the award to seven people.

Seven things I love:
1) God
2) my son and family
3) friends
4) my computer
5) art
6) beach

Below I will named the seven great blogs. Please visit them

5)Stephen Dell'Aria:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

UnderWater Outsider Original Art Painting

On this new piece Arthur will show an under water vision on how he enjoys the ocean.
Below see you will read Arthur's idea before he created this piece.

This painting is about an underwater treasury hunt. Arthur loves the ocean and he decided to collect objects. Daily he will go hunting under the ocean and one day he found a sunken ship with an huge anchor, he decided to go in to find old pieces to collect, but a very strange noise came out and suddenly the ship turned all blue, a dark black shadow was swimming deep inside from left to right. It was a great finding but Arthur decided to go back home and find help to fight the shadow on this ship.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Underground Kingdom Folk Art Outsider Original Painting AUTISM SIMO

This is another of Arthur's inner world's imagination. A painting with a story. He has a few pieces with giants and this particular one is funny because, he is part of the story and the giant felt in love with him.

Below you can see the explanation of his painting.

This painting is about a secret place only known to very few ones. Underneath a very small city, an entire kingdom is operating under the Queen Shakira. All the walls are scripted with the secret of Earth origin. Queen Shakira is in love with this planet and also with one of his habitats named Arthur.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Arthur was given an Award

Arthur is honor to received James Parker award. He was nominated by Stephen Dell' Aria and below is his blog.

Art gave Arthur a way of showing his feelings the way he perceives the world around him. He is unpredictable and funny with a great imagination, taking him on a wild journey, exploring everything he touches. Every painting has a story that take you on an adventure.
The award was originated by Morgaine. She paints and photographs evocative and mysterious images that lodge deep in our subconscious mind bridging the relationship between the human form and may visit her blog at:

In keeping with the principal upon which James' award is based, each recipient is to, in return , nominate two more recipients.

I nominate first: Elizabeth Pearson and you may see her blog at:

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Arthur the Archaeologist

Arthur loves to collect fossils and he dreams about findings his own items. He has plans to study to get a good job and be able to afford his own trips. He is fascinated with the way of the past and the secrets that each piece holds.

Below is Arthur's description

This painting is a about a great finding, Arthur the Archeologist went on a expedition to the U.S. upper states and he was digging for months, first he found a huge tooth, a good findings, so he knew after the first one, he will be able to find more of them. He kept working for months until he found a graveyard of bones, they belong to mammoth and saver tooth tigers. Now he will be able to keep lots of them and donate some to the museums.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

House on Fire Folk Art Outsider Original Painting AUTISM SIMO

This is a very colorful painting and Arthur is trying to express how loud sounds bother him. In this piece he actually blows the house into pieces because the house could not handle the noise anymore. It was done on a funny and colorful way.
Below is Arthur's words describing this piece.

This painting is about my neighbor's house on fire, well all started when a party and high music was heard around all the neighborhood, the music was getting higher and higher until the house could not take it any more and explode. It was cracking down with lots of fire. It was too much for the house to handle it.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

HELP Folk Art Outsider Original Painting AUTISM SIMO

This is the first painting of the week. Once again Arthur's teachers are his inspiration. His teachers are happy because they inspired him.
Below is the story:
This painting is about Arthur's teachers screaming for help. Well they were on a field trip with the class and suddenly a huge noise was heard from far away, when they realize what was happening, lots of dinosaurs were attacking them. All the kids run to safe, but the teachers were trying to save all the students and they did not have time to run to a save place, they have to jump on top of a tree, of course they need help now. Who will save them?
What I write here is what Arthur explains me about his paintings. He will sign all his work and he will paint different things every time because his paintings are part of his feelings and thoughts on a daily basis.