Sunday, February 15, 2009

Discover Arthur's World through his paintings

This is another of Arthur's inner world's imagination. A painting with a story. You may check his shop for other great stories on his paintings. On each one, you will see him laughing and getting so excited that a part of him is inside the painting. One time he told me that on his paintings he will have more fun than actually playing his Nintendo.
Below you can see the explanation of his painting.
This painting is about Oceana an underwater keeper with magical powers and a defendant from intruders wanting to steal the blue fire, a magical underwater portion that helps to defeat the frozen lands.


  1. Another great piece of art. Glad to see you are gaining so many followers. That's wonderful!

  2. Oh, I love your son's art!!!
    I'm glad, I've discovered this blog, I'm also an artist on the spectrum. Art is a great way to communicate things I can't put in words, and I can express how I perceive the world differently.

  3. Nice painting, I like the concept of blue fire