Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cyclops Original Art

This is another of Arthur's creation, a giant Cyclops, below you can read Arthur's explanation for this paintings.
This painting is about a cyclops that was living on a far away land, a beautiful and peaceful place, until one day, one of the villages boy found a bird with a note on his leg, the boy found a map to a hidden treasure on a far away land. Well he prepared an expedition with people on the village and departed to the treasure land. To his surprise after searching for days, they found the treasure and his owner a Cyclops and of course she will not let the strangers take away his beautiful gold and shinny stones.
I hope you can enjoy this piece, he does appreciate everyone writing on this blog. He gets very happy to read them.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New painting named Meteor

Once again Arthur gets his inspiration with his teacher, she is happy about it. I will post the painting and the explanation given by Arthur.

This painting is about a great disaster when a meteor came into Earth and fall on two express way. Arthur's teacher was going to class when I-95 was cut in half, you can see her black car on on side, she is doing fine, but unable to get to the class. Also I-75 was hit and lots of cars were hit and a great disaster is happening. The size of this paintings 9" by 12" paper, watercolor,crayons and markers

I hope you enjoy this painting, he puts a lot of him into them. If you want to see more of his work, you may visit Myspace at:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Understanding and Accepting Autism

Today I want it to talk about Arthur and his Autism. The moment I was told about his condition, it was a chocking News, because at birth I imagined him as an engineer. My worse time was accepting the facts and understand, it was the only way to help Arthur, I had to learn to deal with my emotions, I had to face Autism, otherwise I will be living on denial.

I sat for hours, cry a lot, made plans to deal with it. Well it was not very complicated, I only had enough strength to give it to God and offer him my sufferings and letting him guide me through the entire journey. One morning after waking up, I decided to take a day at a time and with God's help I will be able to walk this path.

Years passed by and I have to remind myself everyday that I should never compare my son with other kids. I have to focus on his daily improvements, no matter how small they may seem to be. I worked very intense to learn about his world and learned to be part of it. It was difficult, because most of them, make not sense to me. Also I have to find a way of teaching him about my world so we could share them together. After years trying and working with Arthur, art came to our world and we could share them together. I have learned about his needs and how sometimes environment make him overwhelmed, why repeating movements or stories make him excited.

It is a different world, there is not envy, no lies, no resentment. he is naive and love sameness, he can entertain himself , he loves a simple life, fashion is not an important issue. Well, I feel very happy to have a very special son named Arthur.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photography and Freedom

Arthur felt freedom using his new camera, his first time feeling independent . He wants to improve in taking pictures and he was wondering off in the park, of course I was watching him like a hawk. Supervision is necessary due to his Autism, Usually at school, he has supervision, so walking around the park and taking pictures, gave him this wonderful feeling of doing it by himself. He was so proud at the end of the day, he was jumping and telling me that he wants to do it more often. I hope you can enjoy his new hobby.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Discover Arthur's World through his paintings

This is another of Arthur's inner world's imagination. A painting with a story. You may check his shop for other great stories on his paintings. On each one, you will see him laughing and getting so excited that a part of him is inside the painting. One time he told me that on his paintings he will have more fun than actually playing his Nintendo.
Below you can see the explanation of his painting.
This painting is about Oceana an underwater keeper with magical powers and a defendant from intruders wanting to steal the blue fire, a magical underwater portion that helps to defeat the frozen lands.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A painting with a story

Arthur's world is full of imagination, he creates adventures on a daily bases . At the beginning he started telling stories and usually they got him in trouble at school, so he decided to put it down on paper and he got away with it. Well it worked for him, because his behavior improve for the better. Every painting has a story that take you on an adventure. It is a vision on a wild journey with no rules and no directions. Art has giving him a way of expressing his feelings the way he perceive the world around him.

Below It is the story of the above painting.

This painting is about a volcano erupting and suddenly the sky was changing to a red color, all the rivers were evaporating and after a few days lots of little volcanoes were borned. It was so hot that the air will burn the trees. Earth needed the eruption to let the steam out. It is a natural way Earth will survive.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Video and art pieces display at Myspace

Thanks to all my followers and readers to support my son and me on this journey. Lets go back and begin how this idea came about: I remember one day sitting at the doctor's office and usually Arthur's will draw to make the waiting time more enjoyable, one afternoon his therapist came out and ask Arthur to give one of his drawing for her to frame it, to display it at her office and other children could enjoy them, she also gave me the idea to do something with his art.

Well, after a while a few ideas came about it. First to enroll him on art, but I decided to test his art on eBay, at the time I was selling and buying a few things. I remembered that on that first week a teacher bought all his drawings to display it at his school. Arthur was so happy that he was encouraged to keep on drawing, after the teacher a painter came and bought them and them collectors all over the world. Right now we opened a store at Etsy but I still sell on eBay.

Now going back to Myspace, the page will show one video and Arthur is describing one of his work . Also we have a display with a lot of his art since the beginning of this journey. It will give you an idea of his style and ways he had improved his art.

Monday, February 2, 2009

An important exhibition for Arthur

I want it to let my followers know a little bit about Arthur's journey. A collector from France exhibited two of Arthur's pieces on a gallery in France called Tajan . On February 14 from last year, two of his works were on a public auction in this gallery. Of course Arthur was very happy and mom too.