Monday, February 22, 2010

The Moon Watchers Outsider Folk Art Original Painting AUTISM SIMO

This painting is about the unknown species watching us from the moon. They want to learn our ways, at the beginning they were observing us very close, but man got smart and their work was getting difficult, today they have their own station in the moon. They can watch Earth from far away and learn our ways.

What I write here is what Arthur explains me about his paintings. He will sign all his work and he will paint different things every time because his paintings are part of his feelings and thoughts on a daily basis.

The size of this paintings 9" by 12" paper, watercolor,crayons and markers


  1. arthur is a wonderful artist!!

  2. Wow Arthur! This is great! Maybe you and your mom can think of making a picture book of a science fiction story for many kids to read and enjoy!

  3. Hi Arthur and Mom.
    I like this one..I am glad that are far away now watching us.. Maybe we should watch them and learn too..
    Take care.

  4. Hello Cat
    Thanks for your comment, Arthur will love to read it. He will later on.

  5. Hi Sheila
    Thanks for visiting my blog, Arthur loves the idea of making a science fiction book.

  6. Hi Katelen
    Thanks for your comment. I visited your blog and I am in love with your work.

  7. Thanks I am glad you learned.