Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Metal Horse Outsider Original Folk Art Painting AUTISM SIMO

This painting is about a Metal Horse, it has the ability to change forms, the horse is made out of a very special metal, it is hard to break rocks and other metals and it can become soft and be able to squeeze between doors. It is a great defense for any rider.

What I write here is what Arthur explains me about his paintings. He will sign all his work and he will paint different things every time because his paintings are part of his feelings and thoughts on a daily basis

Note from Mom: Arthur will tell me stories at dinner time with the new paintings.
As you can imagine Arthur will go on this new horse on wild rides with mom to unknown places with unseen creatures, we will stop for burger and chocolate on a magical tree and fly up the sky to visit friends.

The size of this paintings 9" by 12" paper, watercolor,crayons and markers, you can find his later paintings at his store. arthursimo.etsy.com


  1. I love it, both painting ánd story. I also love the other horse flying in the sky. You have a rich imagination Arthur and it's wonderful to see what's new....

  2. Love the metal horse, Arthur! Beautiful work with a fascinating story. Nice to imagine all the places you could go with this great horse!

  3. A different concept and beautiful story! Well done Arthur...:)

  4. This is terrific Arthur! Absolutely love the horse.

  5. Arthur,
    I do love this one. Horses are beautiful creatures and let you know a secret. If you whisper to them they will remember you.
    Take care. You too Mom.

  6. Hello to all my friends
    Thanks for you comments, I will try to keep posting more often some of Arthur's art.