Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hidden Chamber Outsider Folk Art Original Painting AUTISM SIMO

This painting is about a hidden chamber to protect visitors from another galaxy. It is a chamber with lots of doors,window,stairs and halls. Each passage it is designated to different planets, they will have all their needs,including food,air,liquids and supplies.

What I write here is what Arthur explains me about his paintings. He will sign all his work and he will paint different things every time because his paintings are part of his feelings and thoughts on a daily basis.
Arthur wants to mention that this painting was bought by his friend collector in France, his name is Louis Guyard and he has a blog with Arthur's paintings, you may want it to check it out.


  1. Oh Arthur this is wonderful! I could spend hours studying all the different rooms, chambers, hallways and wonder what's inside each one. I think you are a wonderful scientist too, because you thought of all the things alien visitors would need. I can see you spent a lot of time making sure everything was there and I applaud you for that extra effort.

  2. Hi Sheila
    Thanks for your comment and yes, Arthur will take his time and each door or hall has his own story. Adriana

  3. Hello Campbell
    Thanks for your comment and great to hear from you.

  4. Hello Proswet
    Thanks for checking Arthur's Art.

  5. Just checking in on you and Arthur..I have not seen Arthur lately? I hope all is well.

  6. Hello Katelen
    Yes we are doing good, we moved to a new house and work has doble, also my parents are with me. But I will keep posting more paintings for Arthur.

  7. Hello Arthur,
    I just awarded you the Sunshine Blogger award. You can come to my site to retrieve it. I absolutely love your work!

  8. Hello Kim
    Thanks for awarding Arthur the Sunshine Blogger Award, I will retrieve it in the afternoon after he gets back from school, he will be very happy.