Friday, September 5, 2014

Pirate Original Acrylic Canvas Panting Folk Outsider Primitive Art AUTISM SIMO

                                                  WELCOME TO SIMO'S ART  
    Arthur is my name I am a self taught artist and I have Autism. I am unpredictable and funny with a great imagination. Each of my paintings have different stories I think about them, they are my emotions and feelings and they will take you on an adventure with me. I already have my High School Diploma and a Chef Aid Certificate from Easter Seal South Florida . Now that I have finished school I have more time for my paintings
This painting is about Blackbeard, his original name was Edward Teach was a notorious English Pirate who operated in the West Indies throughout the 18th century. Originally he who began his career as one of the many privateers. He became a pirate, and had a ferocious reputation and fearsome appearance. He was reported to have tied lit fuses under his hat to frighten his enemies and he was killed in a battle and the prize money for capturing Blackbeard was to have been about £400
You will be the only one having this original painting. It is great to collect or give it as a present.

The size of this paintings 12" by 24" I used canvas acrylic and ink.