Monday, August 11, 2014

Our Lady of Atocha Ship


                     WELCOME TO SIMO'S ART  
    Arthur is my name I am a self taught artist and I have Autism. I am unpredictable and funny with a great imagination. Each of my paintings have different stories I think about them, they are my emotions and feelings and they will take you on an adventure with me. I already have my High School Diploma and a Chef Aid Certificate from Easter Seal South Florida . Now that I have finished school I have more time for my paintings.

This painting is about a ship named " Our Lady of Atocha" the most famous
 of a fleet of Spanish ships that sank in 1622 off the Florida Keys while carrying
 cooper, silver, gold, tobacco, gems, jewels, the ship was
driven by a severe hurricane and badly damage the hull so the ship sank very quickly, they recovered nearly half of the registered part of the vast treasure
and part of the ship that would hold most of the gold and emeralds is still missing from the shipwreck. They found a ring worth $500,000
about 35 miles from Key West, Florida. We all can join the search for the remaining treasure no found yet.

                                   The size of this paintings 8" by 10" canvas panel, acrylic, ink


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