Monday, March 23, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

This award was given to me in honor of Arthur's work by Couture de papier. Please visit her blog at and check her work. Thanks for this compliment Arthur is very happy.

I understand I need to list seven things I love and I have to pass on the award to seven people.

Seven things I love:
1) God
2) my son and family
3) friends
4) my computer
5) art
6) beach

Below I will named the seven great blogs. Please visit them

5)Stephen Dell'Aria:


  1. Congratulations and thanks for mentioning me.

  2. Hi stephen
    I was going to your blog to let you know about it. But I work full time, I have to find the time. thanks

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! The award is well deserved because I think you're the most unique and creative blog I've encountered since I've started blogging Arthur. I'm also tickled pink that I'm among the other fine bloggers you've listed. Big Hugs for Arthur and mom!!!

  4. Hi Sheila
    Thanks for your comment and Arthur will be super happy when he reads your comment. Congratulations to you.

  5. Congratulations and thank you very much!

  6. Congratulations and thank you very much! I will be sure to pass it on.

  7. Hi Sketchesbyfiz
    Thanks for your comment and I love your portraits.

  8. Hi Twincedar
    Thanks for your comment and I am glad you will pass it on. I love your Sunflower painting.

  9. Well done Arthur! This is a great award to receive.

  10. Congratulations, Arthur! You certainly deserve this honor.

  11. Hi Art with liz
    Thanks for your comment. Arthur is so happy with his award, that he already believe he is famous.

  12. Hi Mary
    Thanks for your comment, Arthur will love to read your comment. You have lovely paintings at your blog.

  13. Congratulations on your award, Arthur:) You deserve it! And, you've given out the award to some kind and talented people!

    Be well:)


  14. Congrats on the award!
    P.S. Don't miss my giveaway! Stop by.

  15. Hello, every photo tellsa story
    Thanks for your comment and Arthur help me to give out some awards.

  16. Hi buttercup
    Thanks for your comment and I will stop by your blog, I hope I get lucky.

  17. Glad you stopped by my blog. I have enjoyed coming to visit your son's work. My grandson Grant was severely autistic. He died at age 11 two years ago and we miss him tremendously. It was seizures in the middle of the night, swelling brain and death from what most would say "out of nowhere", but we know it was part of God's plan. My son-in-law found God through the death of his own son. Three weeks ago my husband and I delivered our first granddaughter with our daughter and son-in-law. This little one was born two days before the 2nd anniversary date of Grant's death. God is Good. Bless you for your work with you son. I am an art teacher and recognized both his talent and passion in what he does. I still work with the local Autism group and donate work to raise funds for their projects in the NOrth Texas Area. It is a challenging disease we can all learn from.

    God Bless, Laurie Pace

  18. Hi Laurie
    Thanks for your comment. It was sad about your grandson, but God gave them a daughter. I am glad you work with your local Autism group, here in South Florida I have not found any art class Arthur will love to attend. Thanks

  19. Congratulations on your award! I always enjoy seeing your latest paintings, Arthur. They always tell a story and are so original. Thank you also for picking my blog for this great award.

  20. Hi Carol
    Thanks for your comment, you are a great artist.