Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Arthur was given an Award

Arthur is honor to received James Parker award. He was nominated by Stephen Dell' Aria and below is his blog.

Art gave Arthur a way of showing his feelings the way he perceives the world around him. He is unpredictable and funny with a great imagination, taking him on a wild journey, exploring everything he touches. Every painting has a story that take you on an adventure.
The award was originated by Morgaine. She paints and photographs evocative and mysterious images that lodge deep in our subconscious mind bridging the relationship between the human form and may visit her blog at:

In keeping with the principal upon which James' award is based, each recipient is to, in return , nominate two more recipients.

I nominate first: Elizabeth Pearson and you may see her blog at:


  1. Thank you, Arthur and Mrs. Simo! I am truly honored by your kind gesture:)

    And, congratulations for being nominated by Stephen, Arthur. You make beautiful art, and it is a delight to visit your blog to see your creations!

  2. Every photo tells a story thanks for your support and you deserve this award also. You are a great artist.

  3. Arthur and Mrs. Simo, I have to tell you that I'm not an artist:) I wish I was. All the images on my blog are submitted by other artists (like Arthur.) But, thank you, for your nice words, and for sharing your artwork.


  4. I really enjoy your blog and admire you for promoting your son's beautiful artwork. I can see why you were nominated! I wish you both the very best.

  5. Hi Why
    Thanks for leaving a comment on this blog, Arthur loves to read them.

  6. Arthur, Congradulations on your well deserved award! Keep up the great work! :)

  7. Hi Phoenix
    Thanks for your comment and I love your blog.

  8. Hi Michelle
    Thanks for your comment and Arthur is very happy with his award, I printed it for him and he took it to school to show his friends.