Thursday, January 22, 2009

Arthur Simo 's Art Journey Part 1

Well all begin after Elementary School, Arthur did not handle well this change, going to middle school and facing new school and friends was not an easy task. After six months he needed a change from his environment. At this time Arthur began his art journey with drawing on every page on his notebooks and teachers started complaining about it. A new evaluation was needed it and finally after three months, he was placed in a new school not for too long, because it was far away and transportation never got on time to school, so a new change was taken place for the next year.
Good news for Arthur, he was attending Middle School close home. He attended summer on the new school and it was difficult but with the new teachers and their aids, he did improved and began his new journey. The new curriculum for him included art, he was allowed free time every day to express himself and show his great imagination. At the end of his Middle School he had an art exposition in the library and he won on the Youth Fair a first price.

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  1. Congratulations to Arthur! Your blog about him is very inspiring! His works of art are beautiful!Thank you for sharing This wonderful journey about him!