Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Galaxy Original Painting AUTISM SIMO

This is one of Arthur's original painting and it is funny. On each of his pieces he will show you the way he explains his world, he has autism. Of course he is a teenager with great imagination, you can see him smiling when he is drawing, I usually sit with him and share the moment.
On this painting, he is sending his teacher to another Galaxy on a rocket through a time window. Well this inspiration took place after his teacher told him that he could not attend college. Each of his paintings has a story an it will take you on an adventure.


  1. This is beautiful work Arthur. I purchased your Wheel of Life painting and I can't wait to get it. Keep creating your beautiful art.

    My son with autism will be graduating from high school this year and he's going to miss it. I think there needs to be more options out there for them. But I think it's wonderful what you are doing here...promoting his art!

  2. This is wonderful! Thanks for following my blog. I am so glad you are promoting Arthur's art.

  3. Keep thinking about college! Great work.